WHen do you restock?

We currently do not have a fixed restock schedule, but restocks will be announced on our Instagram (@kickassslimes) at least one day beforehand.

Do you ship internationally?


How long will my order take to get to my house?


How can i contact you?




Can I have free slime?


Can I review your slime?

can you review our slime?


Do you do refunds or replacements?



What currency are your shop prices in?







We ship orders out within 2-4 days, meaning that we bring it to the post office within 2-4 days. After it arrives at the post office, it will depend on which shipping method you have chosen. When you are checking out, the estimated times of each shipping method are given; please refer to these numbers.


There are two ways you can contact us: through e-mail and through direct message via Instagram.

Our e-mail is sales@kickassslimes.com

We are more likely to reply via e-mail. We will try to reply as quick as possible. 

If you need to contact us about an order, please use the e-mail provided in the note inside your package.


Sorry, we do not give out free slime.


Yes, if you would like to review our slime, you may purchase it and post a video with a review.


Yes, we review slime, but selectively. Please direct message us through Instagram, asking for a review. If you e-mail us asking for a review, we will not reply.


It depends on the situation. If you are unhappy with your product, please e-mail us. For refunds and replacements, we ask that you ship it back to us in the condition that you received it.

We cannot do refunds or replacements for orders that were never received IF YOU DO NOT SELECT THE TRACKING OPTION AT CHECKOUT. If your package was unable to be delivered, it will be mailed back to us. In that case, once we receive it, we can do refunds/replacements, provided that you pay for it to be re-shipped. However, if we never receive it, we cannot do a refund or replacement. 

To avoid complications, please make sure you put the correct address.

Our prices are all in USD.